"Behind the Facade" currently in development and filming May 2023 in Amalfi Coast (Capri, Sorrento, Naples)

Breadwinner Productions

"The Black Tulip" is a journey into the heart and soul of the real Afghanistan.

At its heart, I wanted to explore the contradictions that exist in a world ravaged by decades of war. In this kind of setting, every sense is heightened. The violence is real. The fear is constant. Yet, for the people of Afghanistan, my people... despite the oppression, despite the brutality, despite the constant struggle, there is the constant will to live and to enjoy life. Each day is savoured, each moment is never taken for granted. These people are truly alive.

I wanted to celebrate the colors, the music, the culture, the traditions... I wanted to capture what no else has done, the soul of Afghanistan represented by the families who live there.

Fortunately, we put a great script together, based on a true story. Often true stories are more incredible than anything we imagine. But I didn’t want to focus just on the war. I wanted to tell a real story about the people who dream and who hope the way we do.

I was told that “The Black Tulip” would be impossible to make. Despite the war, the bombings, the shootings, the death threats, the kidnappings, we risked our lives and found a way to make this film. I hope that you walk away with something more.

- Sonia Nassery Cole

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